June 1, 2024    
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What is integral and distinguishable about the fairy tale method is its application of imagination and creativity. Through the creation of their fairy tale, clients can create their own world that may reflect a familiar day-to-day one or a world that is not visible. It is through imagination that they get glimpses to meaning that is hidden from them in their ordinary world but visible in the depths of their fairy tale world.

The fairy tale method (FTMD) is adaptable to EMD and the standard protocol. It facilitates the client through a scripted process under the direction of their EMDR therapist to create their own fairy tale story, beginning with
Phase I: history taking
Phase 2: preparation
and concluding with
Phase 7: closure phase
Phases 3: assessment – phase 6: body scan are conducted as in the standard protocol.

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Participants must be fully trained in EMDR in order to attend (have completed an EMDRIA Approved Basic Level Training.)


$ 120.00 plus GST
Fee includes 7 EMDRIA CEs and a Training Manual




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