The qualities and characteristics of Sophia moments include: timing, way opening/way closing and they appear in our inner and outer world. In this blog entry, I will address the way opening/way closing quality.

 In Parker Palmer’s book, “Listening for The Voice of Vocation”, he speaks of his personal experience of way opening/way closing that he has learned through his Quaker faith tradition. In his book, he talks about a time in his life where he was feeling disillusioned and losing patience waiting for a way to open up and illuminate the pathway about where he must go next to continue with his work. A way was not opening for him and middle age was approaching at warp speed! He sought counsel from a wise older Quaker women who indicated from her lived experience, she had gained more insight, guidance and direction from way closing than from way opening.

And so, it is from my experience of Sophia moments. More has been revealed to me from the doors that have been closed, than those that have opened. I have learned that I must stop banging relentlessly on the doors that have clearly slammed shut in my face in this time and place, and instead, turnaround, put my back to these closed doors and peruse the horizon in front of me to see what possibilities may be there. The guidance and direction from Sophia moments can  be gained from “both ways”.