One of my favorite beach activities is scavenging for beach glass. Beach glass is created when broken shards of glass become smooth, frosted, and precious, transformed by the gentle lapping of water and the persistent rubbing of sand. Typically, I find brown, white, and sometimes green beach glass but rarely blue. Blue glass is a rare find indeed! For me, finding blue beach glass is like discovering the extraordinary in the everyday joys and difficulties of life. Similar to the broken glass, we have rough, sharp edges that are longing to be soothed and transformed by the daily tumbling and wearing of our ordinary lives.

Scavenging for blue beach glass is an ordinary beach activity that anyone can do. We just need to know where and how to find the blue glass. Similarly, we all have the ability to find those extraordinary moments that occur in the everyday joys and difficulties of life that can enrich and motivate our lives. Those extraordinary moments, I affectionately refer to in my book as Sophia moments.