There are three movements to sophia moments:

  • stating an intention or need
  • attuning or filtering your inner and outer world for guidance and direction
  • focusing into the moment to determine what meaning it has for you and your life in this time and place.

In today’s blog entry, I will expand on the first movement of intention. The second and third movements will be covered in upcoming blog entries.

 Stating an Intention or Need

From my experience, the most powerful thing that brings about positive change and begins the healing process is stating a deeply held intention or need. This intention or need may be about a personal issue or career decision, for example. This intention is more likely to manifest if it promotes your higher good especially in service to others; and you are committed to and believe in it from the depths of your being. It’s important to focus on what you need and not so much on how it will manifest. Remember, the packaging it arrives in may not be what you expected. When we state a deeply held intention or need, it shifts and focuses our consciousness.