There are three movements to sophia moments:

  • stating an intention or need
  • attuning or filtering your inner and outer world for guidance and direction
  • focusing into the moment to determine what meaning it has for you and your life in this time and place

In today’s blog entry, I will expand on the movement of focusing into the moment.

Focusing into the Moment

When the moments occur or upon reflection after they occur, do the following:

  • begin by focusing in the torso region of your body where our feelings reside and can be more readily accessed;
  • be still and quiet inside;
  • ask inwardly “What is the meaning in all of this?”
  • listen deeply for the meaning in this time and place for you.

When the insight comes it may present with these qualities: an easement of tension, clarity, overall sense of rightness, calmness, a resurgence of energy and an opening up to something new.