There are three movements to sophia moments:

  • stating an intention or need
  • attuning or filtering your inner and outer world for guidance and direction
  • focusing into the moment to determine what meaning it has for you and your life in this time and place

In today’s blog entry, I will expand on the movement of attunement.


When we state an intention, not only does it focus our consciousness but a phenomenon occurs whereby our inner and outer world aligns with this deeply held intention. Attunement means:

  • being grounded in reality and centered in yourself;
  • being completely present, in the here and now;
  • having all of your senses attuned to the immediate environment around you;
  • and having all your thinking and mental abilities available to you in the present time and place.

Attunement provides a filter from the many messages coming at us from both our inner and outer world. We sometimes miss the moments when they occur but the good news is that we may catch them later. Dream and daily scan journals are an excellent way to discover or rediscover these moments in retrospect.

Children innately possess this skill of attunement. Given we were all children at one time, we can relearn this skill, just as we can relearn how to ride a bike. It comes back to us with practice.