Susan Doiron

Canadian Certified Counsellor

EMDR Certified Therapist

#201 – 2469 Pauline Street, Abbotford, BC V2S 3S1



Welcome, I am glad you found your way here.

I am passionate about helping my clients cultivate more presence and empowerment in their lives and access their wisdom and capacity for growth and healing.  Using a holistic, client centered and collaborative approach, I will help support you as you navigate difficult life experiences with care and compassion.

Letting yourself be vulnerable with a stranger is scary, and I commend you for taking the first step in finding someone. I believe everyone has the capacity within them to grow. I use a variety of proven techniques (one is EMDR) to help promote your healing and achieve your goals.

I have a Master of Education in Counselling with experience in the field since 2004. I am a Canadian Certified Counsellor with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association.

I specialize in EMDR therapy (an alternative to talk therapy). My introduction to the field of trauma therapy began while working with survivors of sexual assault and historic sexual abuse. While EMDR is my primary treatment modality, I also incorporate CBT and mindfulness in my practice.

My counselling experiences include treating depression and anxiety, trauma and recovery, grief counselling, stress reduction, life transitions and I have worked with adults, children, and youth. I have worked for over 12 years as a school counsellor with children and youth at all age levels. I am a EMDR certified therapist, certified counsellor, educator, and author. I currently work with adults and youth.

I am a published self-help author of four books. I am intrigued with helping people find a way to live a meaningful life. This has been the focus of my writing for over 18 years.

Counselling and EMDR Therapy

First responders, Police, Health Care Professionals, and Veterans

EMDR treatment for Post Traumatic stress (PTSD) caused by workplace trauma.

Adult Survivors of Childhood Trauma and Recent Critical Incidents

Counselling and EMDR for victims of crime, sexual assault, accidents, and traumatic stress caused by childhood trauma.

Artists, Writers, Musicians, and Entrepreneurs

EMDR treatment is used to heal from past pain that is blocking access to presence, creativity, empowerment, and flow.

More to Discover

Susan’s Books

Susan Doiron is the author of four books, including:

Find out more about Susan’s books here.

Susan’s Training

With over 10 years of experience in private practice and training, Susan is an experienced trainer in her field. Selected highlights of training clients include:

  • Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association Annual Conference
  • Career Development Services
  • Mount St. Mary’s
  • PEI Teacher’s Federation
  • Webinars for the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association
  • Among other clients

What Susan Offers

What Susan offers is her ability to listen and perceive deeply, her sense of who she is and her desire to accompany others interested in personal transformation. She is passionate about life and work. She is interested in the authentic process of engaging with people, learning to know people and how they perceive the world, what is important for them and how they deal with sorrow, disappointment and future directions. She is adept at helping others in their personal growth and development. Her conversations with others are very special in their depth, breadth and helpfulness. She understands well the connections between head and heart, being and doing, and the personal, social, spiritual interplay. She does see the extraordinary in the ordinary. I highly recommend her.

Dr. John Sumarah, R. Psych, CCC

Professor and Program Leader, Acadia University Counselling Program

Susan Doiron has been a valued colleague for several years. She is a bright, enthusiastic, inspiring woman and professional. She is engaged with life in a way that inspires the lives she touches. Her creativity and intelligence is invaluable to her profession and to all those who work with her. She has a real, yet optimistic view of life and a great sense of humour. She takes delight in learning and exploring life. She is skillful and deeply connects with others which make her an effective and valued therapist.

Denise M. Perron MSW, RSW

Private Therapist and Consultant